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Coach Brian Singh (Coach B) is the founder & director of Nemesis Sports and has been a coach for a number of years. He is best known for his Vertical Jump Training as he has helped every athlete he's coached increase their vertical jump through specific programs designed to achieve maximum results. In fact, he guarantees that after one session with him, your vertical jump will increase. Knowledgeable in both basketball and volleyball along with his vertical jump background he brings a unique style to his clinics and practices that no one has ever seen. He's currently the head coach of the 17U Boys Scarborough Titans Nemesis Volleyball Team. 


Michelle Deonarine is the president of Nemesis Sports. Bio coming soon... 


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Hi, my name is Brandon Aaron Bernard, however my close friends and family call me “Beezy.” This is my third season coaching Nemesis with Coach B. I must say, these past-two years have been a great learning experience for myself as a U of T student, volleyball player, coach, and brother to everyone in the Nemesis family. I first started playing volleyball in grade 5, but never really took it seriously until high school, until Coach B coached me......... Now I could continue to talk about who I am and how I managed to get here with the team, but that would be boring. What’s more important is my love for volleyball and every single one of these players. I can whole- heartedly say that this team is my second family, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. From setting up the net, laughing on the bench, working out, to even discussing game tape, we do everything as ONE UNIT. We are Nemesis, we are, one team. This year, were going to show OVA that we’re a force to be reckoned with.


My name is Robert Scott. I am a former club player that was a highly sought after recruit at the university scene but due to unforeseen conditions I won't be playing university ball this year so I decided to give back to the younger athletes and the program that got me started in volleyball, Nemesis Sports. I bring a lot of knowledge to the team as well as enthusiasm. I was a former MVP and athlete of the year for my club and school teams and I look forward to helping the program and the athletes develop.


Eric Singh is a skills trainer for Nemesis Sports. Bio coming soon...