STVC Nemesis            2
Pakmen Gold              1
STVC Nemesis                     1
Maverick Longhornes          2
STVC Nemesis                   0
Pakmen Black                    2
STVC Nemesis                2
Durham Attack               0


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Coach Brian Singh (Coach B) is the founder & director of Nemesis Sports and has been a coach for a number of years. He is best known for his Vertical Jump Training as he has helped every athlete he's coached increase their vertical jump through specific programs designed to achieve maximum results. In fact, he guarantees that after one session with him, your vertical jump will increase. Knowledgeable in both basketball and volleyball along with his vertical jump background he bring a unique style to his clinics and practices that no one has ever seen. He's currently the head coach of the 17U Boys Scarborough Titans Nemesis Volleyball Team. 



Brandon Bernard is an assistant coach for Nemesis Sports and is currently coaching the 17U Boys Scarborough Titans Nemesis Volleyball Team. He is a student at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus and is an Outside Hitter for his Try Campus Volleyball Team. He's 2 time athlete of the year and in his last year of High School was the Captain of the West Hill Warriors. His favourite food is Sheppard's pie and favourite athlete is Derrick Rose.